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floated image Waris Ali (Ex-M.L.A, Nanpara)
"Ameer Hasan Faruqi Masoodya Mubarka Society " is an educational and social welfare sciety. Educational (Islamic and Higher Education) programs, and other social welfare programs are organized under it.

floated image Abdul Waheed (Chairman Adarsh Nagar Palika ,Nanpara)
This society plays a vital role in the field of educataion, and upliftment in the lives poors and orphans. This society emplowers people with education.

floated image Om Prakash Sharma (Pradhan, Nanpara Dehat)
Ameer Hasan Faruqi Masoodya Mubarka Society, emplowers people with education and other welfare programs.

floated image S.K.Maurya (Manager,Ashoka the Great Junior High Schol, Nanpara)

This society supports poors and those who are disable to get education.

floated image Jawed Ahmad (Manager,Lucknow Public School, Nanpara)
It is reality that education changes the point of view and life style of a person. This society helps people to get education . It is committed to provide quality education.

floated image Saleem Ahmad Ansari (Journalist,Hindustan Times, Nanpara)
It is committed to work for humanity welfare. Humanity welfare can be through education and empowerment of people to survive in the social system.

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