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Latest Activites
One of the most of the committee is to run (Madarsa Arbia Ameerul Uloom, pirbitni ) where almost 650 students are being tought free of cost and more than 150 students are provided boarding facilities.
Our Society sponsor many social welfare programs. Under these it conducts musafirkhana to provide lodging,fooding for passengers free of cost.
College (A.H.F.M.M. Degree College)
Ameer Hasan Faruqi Masoodya Mubarka Degree College establishment for the purpose of provide higher education to students in the huge area. We are providing education and training system which is based on social morals and entrepreneur also. This is estable them as self depended for the whole life. On the foundation of Maha Vidhayalaa we are specially notice on that district there are huge lack of higher education system like Behraich, Main Tahseel Nanpara, and any other residential area there are create process to easily education ability. Foundation of Mahavidyalaya based on direction of the success the eduction system for that areas and the name of college is dedicated to famaous Sufee Mr. Hazrat Ameer Hasan Faruqi who have belongs to a village Peer Vitnee of NanPara Tahseel. Ameer Hasan Faruqi a true patriot and a man fighting for and development of the society were supine. He have do like, heart of the public light of spirituality, human equality, cooperation, brotherhood, and a message of love for all human beings and saw the way of Worship and devotion God. Influence of education, thoughts, love for humankind, and community regeneration of Ameer Hasan Faruqi, Mahavidhyalaya Name is Ameer Hasan Faruqi Masoodya Mubarka Degree College. College managing committee is constant struggle in this way that Mahavidyalaya could be useful for the development of society and country
Besides above work the committee has taken an imp.step to open a named R.R.Hospital for the poor and the committee has purchased also 4acres of land the purpose of R.R.Hospital.
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